Community Birth Wisdom

In-person Childbirth Education Class Series in Asheville, NC

begins February 2022

Honoring childbirth as a rite of passage, joining together to explore & cultivate birthing wisdoms, and celebrating our Birthing Community.

Enjoy a Community Childbirth Education experience that centers your inner wisdom, mutual sovereignty, intuition, instinct and what it really means to return birth to the family.

Over 7 Community Sessions we will explore:

Holistic Physiology of Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum
Deeply & Authentically Nurturing & Nourishing all of our Bodies
Juicy Partner Connection
Brain Wave States & Hormones of Birth
The Holistic Stages of Birth
Building Meaningful Community
The Golden Hour
The Sacred Postpartum Window
and more!

Together we will inquire into how we may best nurture, elevate, and celebrate the authentic unfolding of physiologic, instinctual birth.

The Details

  • 7 Community Sessions ~ 3.5 hr each
  • Beautiful, private location
  • Nourishing, fresh-made snacks & herbal teas provided
  • Small group size
  • *Our final session will be a Community Ceremony / Birth Blessing on the Spring Equinox

…build on what you know and believe is sacred. I say this to women and families, the true architects and builders of all authentic birthing communities. Claim what is sacred to you and insist that your birthing traditions reflect the most intimate and holy desires of the soul.

Whapio Bartlett

Interested in joining us?