Holistic Childbearing Support

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Holistic Childbearing Care nurtures mothers, couples & families planning self-directed, authentic, satisfying births. I am here to witness, elevate and nurture YOU during your sacred transition into mothering & parenting. Each birth is transformational and holds wisdom ~ it is my intention to lovingly & respectfully facilitate this unfolding. I am honored to companion the powerful women & couples who call me to join them on their journey of family forming.

Holistic Prenatal, Birth & Postpartum Care

During our prenatal sessions, we’ll dive deep, building our unique soul-level connection. Topics for conversation & exploration can include pregnancy physiology, childbirth education, nutrition, yoga, dance, healing of all kinds, partnership, family evolution, DIY prenatal care, Ayurvedic perspectives, the wisdom of the five great elements, wise woman herbalism, building your dream care team, and more!

Birth care is focused on facilitating your instinctual responses and most satisfying experience. It can include wise woman nourishment, massage, dancing together, singing, engaging the elements, and of course communication, partner and informational support. It could look like occasional phone support throughout labor, and arriving soon after birth to bring nourishment and soothing touch, set up an herbal bath, tuck you in… My role is to protect your birthing space & ambiance, witness your transformation and offer what support feels intuitively guided for you.

Postpartum care deeply nourishes the mother ~ hence the naming Sacred Window Mother Care. Prenatally, I prepare couples and families for the first six weeks after birth (and up through the first two years of Baby’s life) with education on postpartum physiology, facilitating an understanding of the mother’s needs postpartum, sharing practical & satisfying ways to meet those needs, and nourishing the drawing together of your own beautifully nurturing support web. Learn more about my approach to postpartum care here.

Prenatal Partner Yoga Session with clients ~ photo by Whitney Pelfrey
Our Holistic Childbearing Care Package includes:
  • 6-8 Prenatal Sessions
  • Personal Postpartum Education + Preparation Session
  • Mama’s Nourishment Companion ~ printed original guide for creating exquisite postpartum nourishment, elevating your postpartum self-care & illuminating basic herbal baby care
  • Courageous & Compassionate ~ postpartum audio workshop for dads
  • Your own 6-week supply of Botanical MotherBaby Massage Oil
  • On-call 24/7 from 37 weeks through first 3 days postpartum
  • Labor, birth & immediate postpartum support (up to 3 hours after birth)
    • Immediate postpartum support includes special foods prepared for right after birth and the first few hours (Mama’s first nourishment)
  • 5 in-home Postpartum Visits for birth processing, emotional, breastfeeding & partnership support & deeper care. Each visit includes a nourishing meal, tea & herbal snack prepared freshly just for you. Includes a Closing of the Sacred Window Session around 6 weeks postpartum

Customized to meet your needs & desires ~ optional add-ons include:

  • Additional Postpartum Care Sessions
  • Personalized herbals (brought to visits anytime)
  • Market Veggie boxes from our family’s beyond-organic farm (brought to visits anytime)

Services & offerings are non-clinical and non-medical in nature. At all stages, I do not make decisions on your behalf. I am here to offer information and elevation ~ I respect your autonomy.