Heart Ethic


All women are sacred.

Each childbearing experience is unique.

We empower our self-healing through connecting with our intuition and instinct, and devotedly practicing self-care.

It is our birthright to thrive with vibrant health and spiritual satisfaction throughout the childbearing years.

It is YOUR birthright to THRIVE

With VIBRANT health


While making babies, 

birthing babies,

and living your family’s life.


I am dedicated to helping people experience conscious partnering, birth, & parenting.

My mission is to support birthing individuals & families in rewilding their birth experiences, wherever they choose to give birth.


My Story

I devote myself over and over to centering in my heart, residing in unconditional love & acceptance, and to faith. I know what it’s like to struggle with self-doubt and self-destructive habits. I know what it’s like to feel broken after traumatic experiences and relationships – and what it’s like to grow and to glow even deeper and brighter with the flame of Spirit and passion.

I have always been doing art as though my life depends on it, and my deepest artistic passions are singing, writing, painting, and dancing.

My transformational healing journey has been unfolding all through my life. I have been richly blessed with deep friendship, beloved teachers & mentors, energetic body work, earth connection, prayer, meditation, transformative arts, yoga, plant medicine, laughter, and awesome pet companions. I am honored & thrilled to be a student of healing dance.

The making, birthing, & nurturing of my three magical children graces my womb with potent healing, as does the integral honoring of my own moon cycles. Amazing depths of intimacy with my partner activate profound transformation & liberation. The answer seems to always be…trust, and more trust.

Today I embark the bold and beautiful waters of living in Love, connected with the Sacred. This to me is the most political act and empowering life path I can do.


Professional Certifications



Team Member at Center for Sacred Window Studies since 2019


Professional Member of the Postpartum Care Collective. Growing global community for conscious postpartum professionals, educators, advocates and parents.


color photos courtesy NATIVE IRIS PHOTOGRAPHY. black/white photo courtesy DANIELLE STORMES.

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