***IN PERSON Childbirth Education Classes begin February 2022!
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Holistic Preconception, Prenatal, Birth, Postpartum & Post-Abortion Care for Mothers & Couples

Each of us conceives and births our own path of bringing another life into our family constellation.

Your experience deserves to be honored, your family to be revered and nurtured.

I offer professional, holistic childbearing care that respects and celebrates each aspect of You and your experience. My sacred service to you is grounded in compassion, integrity, and love. To you I offer my whole heart, my full presence, and the full spectrum of my wisdom and passion.

Holistic Childbearing Care for mothers & families planning self-directed, authentic, satisfying births.

Holistic Childbearing Care ~ I am here to witness, elevate and nurture YOU during your sacred transition into mothering & parenting ~ your family forming. Every birth is transformational and holds wisdom. I am honored to companion the powerful women & couples who call me to join them on their journey of family unfolding.

Postpartum Care for all birth outcomes.

Sacred Window Mother Care deeply nourishes you during your first six weeks after birth. Care combining nourishing food & touch, personalized botanical supports, robust emotional & spiritual support, and substantial education & preparation during your prenatal period nurtures your deepest postpartum healing, rejuvenation, and integration into motherhood.

My intention is to provide you high quality, heart-centered, wisdom-infused care – no matter the outcome of your birth. This means your Holistic Childbearing Care & Sacred Window Mother Care will be completely adapted to your specific personal experience and needs throughout your pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum days & weeks.

Serving women & families in the Western NC region within a 1-hour radius of Arden (near Fletcher).

Meet Nena

I am a doula, childbirth educator, dancer, writer & mother of 3. I am a student of birth, midwifery, healing dance & life! For 8 years I have been in loving service to mothers and growing families, and am honored and elated to spend many years to come immersed in the sacred work of elevating, witnessing & nurturing birthing women & families.

Services & offerings are non-clinical and non-medical in nature. At all stages, I do not make decisions on your behalf. I am here to offer information and elevation ~ I respect your autonomy.

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