Sacred Mother Care for the full childbirth spectrum

Supporting women and partners in connecting deeply with their inner wisdom, Spirit, and each other as they move through the childbearing cycle (and beyond) in love and awareness.

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Specializing in Sacred Window Mother Care.

Sacred Window Mother Care is designed to deeply nourish you during your first six weeks after birth. Care combining nourishing food & touch, personalized botanical supports, robust emotional & spiritual support, and substantial education & preparation during your prenatal period nurtures your deepest postpartum healing, rejuvenation, and integration into motherhood. My service is mother-centered: I am dedicated to your wellbeing, healing, and satisfaction. Learn more here.

Meet Nena

I am a birthkeeper, dancer, writer & mother of 3. I am a student of midwifery and of healing dance. For over 7 years I have been in loving service to mothers and growing families, and am honored and elated to spend many years to come immersed in the sacred work of Mother Care.

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